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We manufacture all the types of Electric Panels

Power Control Center ( PCC ) Panel

Definition of PCC Panel

Main Low Tention Panel ( MLTP )

Definition of MLTP

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel (APFC)

Definition of APFC Panel

Starter Panel for the Motors / Pumps / Submersibles

Definition of Motor Starter Panels

Motor Control Center Panel (MCC Panel)

Definition of MCC Panel

Power Distribution Board ( PDB )

Definition of PDB Panel

Lighting Distribution Board (LDB)

Definition of LDB

Drive / PLC / HMI / Relay - Based Control Panels

Definition of Drive / PLC / HMI / Relay - Based Control Panels

Control Desks

Definition of Control Desk

Operator Panel

Definition of Operator Panel

We specialize in providing solution for following power applications ...

Multiple Source Synchronization

Synchronized Generation within sources such as Grid, DG, Co-Generation & Solar for Optimization.

Auto Mains Failure System (AMF)

Automatic starting of Alternative Power Source such as DG in the event of Main Power Failure.

Maximum Demand Controller (MDC)

It limits the Maximum Power Drawn from any Source to prevent the Over Loading of Source up to set threshold to avoid damage of source or Penalty.

Load Management System ( LMS )

It enables controlling of Critical & Non Critical Loads to match the available Power Limits in Low Power Scenario as per defined logic which helps in managing alternate / backup power sources.

Detuned / Active Filter Application

These are used to reduce the Contents of Total Harmonics Distortions ( THD ) generated in Electrical Network from load which cause Energy loss, Cable heating, Damage of Circuits etc.

Energy Monitoring System ( EMS )

EMS assist to Monitor the Electrical Energy Consumption of Particular Machine, Line, Process, Section, Floor, Feeder, Shop, Area etc.

Alert / Annunciator / Tripping System

To trigger the alarm at predefined condition for Warning / Acknowledgment or Switching something or Tripping when threshold is crossed.

Intelligent Motor Control Center (iMCC)

Advance Motor Protection with Microprocessor based Unit for Protection upto Total Co-ordination Level, Monitoring and Control Operation of MCC.

Panel Automation

Simple or Complex Panel Automation with PLC as per defined user scheme to ensure the controlled supply of power as per user / system requirement.

Network Monitored Panel

Networking of starter for Activation status, Metering and Temperature of various sections for status monitoring and smooth running.


Electrical installation services are the real backbone of the Electrical Solution Industry. With Zed Enterprises Electrical Team of proessionals you will get the Maximum benifits of your Electrical goods with minimum outer engagement. Due to inhouse team of expert with experience from various industries, and from various continents across the globe we have been consistant and preferred choice for many of our customers.

Owing to our quality of Installation and Good Erection & Commissioning Practices we always tries to minimize the loss of project goods and consumables on site which certainly keeps the project cost on equilibrium.

We provide followingly major services which covers almost majority of electrical installation projects:

1. Electrical Erection & Commissioning

An complete Electrical E&C Solution consist of various aspect of the understanding design, Solution Architecture, Products, Installation Techniques and bench marking values as per IS or IEC Standard so as the customer gets the value for money along with the complete piece of mind for activities of electrical installation.

The Electrical Team consists of Technical Persons with Multiple Project experiences from within India and abroad and as well as of various Industries, Fields, Vertical, Sectors, Specialization and Large Scale Utilities.

Services offered in Electrical E&C

2. Retrofitting / Revamping

Changes in Existing Install base of User

3. Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC)

Regular visits and Dedicated work force for the Troubleshooting of Electrical Installation